Our company has participated in the "Customer Complaint Settlement Scheme" (hereinafter referred to as "CCSS")

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT SETTLEMENT SCHEME (CCSS) FOR THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRYChina-Hong Kong Telecom Ltd has participated in the Customer Complaint Settlement Scheme (hereinafter referred to as "CCSS").The CCSS is a mediation scheme set up by the telecommunications industry to help resolve billing disputes in deadlock between customers and their telecommunications service providers.The mediation service is provided by an agency set up under the Communications Association of Hong Kong, an industry association representing the communications sector in Hong Kong.For further information on the CCSS, please call the CCSS hotline at 21809521 or visit the CCSS website at

Notice: PCCW 2G network will be closed

Notice: PCCW 2G network will be closedSince the PCCW network has been upgraded to 5G, the existing 2G network will be closed immediately. Old 2G mobile phones will not be used on the PCCW network. Please upgrade your mobile phone. Please note. Affected customers: CHKT customers who use the PCCW network and 2G old mobile phones.


Refunds policy

Please note that we must check and verify the product before changing or refunding. If we deem that the condition of the product does not fit our change or refund requirement, the product cannot be changed or refunded, Directel too will not be responsible for product return. We are very sorry about that. We fill give the customer a full refund.

If the product you returned had promotion giveaway or special offer product, you must return them together or we will not accept your refund application. If you do not return the attached giveaway product, we will minus the value of that giveaway product or special offer product when we refund.

Please note, the following cases or product will not enjoy any return and refund, or return and change services:

-30 days after the product had been delivered to the customer
-The product had been used, damaged, broken or incomplete
-Any free giveaway or sample
-If there is any doubt, Directel reserves the right to make the final decision with no argument.

Refund Methods Refund Time Period
Alipay 2 to 3 weeks
WeChat Payment 2 to 3 weeks
Credit Card (excluded UnionPay Online Payment) 4 to 6 weeks
Tenpay 2 to 3 weeks
UnionPay Online Payment 4 to 5 weeks